What Is Sports Medicine?

Sports medicine is what you imagine — an area of medicine focused on treating injuries caused by athletic activities — but it’s also much more. Following an injury, sports medicine physicians have one goal: to get you back in action as quickly as possible by restoring optimum function and strength.

The team at Andrew B. Richardson, MD, goes beyond treating orthopedic injuries. We help you prevent injuries and improve your performance.

Whether you’re a competitive athlete, you’re a weekend warrior, you exercise for personal fitness, or you have a physically demanding job, we provide expert care for the injuries and diseases that occur because of your activities.

Treatment for injuries

If you sustain an injury or develop a musculoskeletal problem that affects your ability to stay active, it’s important to seek a sports medicine physician for treatment. Many physicians can adequately treat an injury, but sports medicine specialists are trained to understand the unique stress each sport and activity places on your body.

We use our expertise in sports to provide advanced treatments for your injury while also addressing the body-wide effects the injury has on your ability to return to action.  We also know the importance of retraining and rehabilitation and integrate those services into your recovery.

Sports medicine specialists often treat traumatic and overuse injuries affecting your muscles, tendons, ligaments, bones, and joints. We also treat inflammatory conditions and degenerative diseases that often develop in athletes and people who are active.

No matter what musculoskeletal problem you encounter, you can be sure that your personalized treatment plan includes the specific therapies and exercises you need to return to your activity.

Rehabilitation for strength and function

Only one thing is more important than getting back in the game, and that’s returning to your sport or activity as strong as you were before your injury. We have you covered with physical therapy and sport-specific rehabilitation.

Physical therapy is the cornerstone of your recovery, as it promotes healing, improves strength, and restores your range of motion. Sport-specific rehabilitation takes you to the next step in your recovery. By focusing on the mechanics of your sport, we prepare you to return to the game with the same or better strength and performance as before.

Your rehabilitation includes functional training and exercises that correct physiological imbalances and improve biomechanics. We progressively rehabilitate your injury and rebuild sport-specific function, retraining your body to perform under the stress of your sport.

Support for ongoing training

We help many athletes improve their personal training programs. Combining our orthopedic expertise with the in-depth knowledge of your injury, we can teach you how to restructure your regimen to prevent injuries and improve your technique.

Sports training often focuses on building specific skills and strengthening specific muscle groups. As a result, the lesser-trained muscles increase your risk of injuries. We recommend changes you can make in your training to limit repetitive movements and achieve better balance. 

If you need help from a sports medicine specialist, call Andrew B. Richardson, MD, or book an appointment online today.

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