How Sports Medicine Can Benefit Athletes

How Sports Medicine Can Benefit Athletes

The very nature of athletic activities, from intensive training to the stress of competition, puts you at risk of sustaining an injury. If you want to prevent musculoskeletal problems and return to play as quickly as possible following an injury, you need a sports medicine specialist.

As an orthopedic surgeon who specializes in sports medicine, Andrew B. Richardson, MD, understands the unique impact each sport has on the human body. He uses that insight to create customized care that does more than keep you healthy; it also helps you attain optimal performance.

Sports medicine benefits athletes by:

Providing specialized care

If you had an irregular heartbeat, you wouldn't go to a dermatologist to address it. In the same way, those who have a sports-related injury or training challenge need a physician who has advanced training and experience in sports.

Sports medicine physicians are indispensable for their in-depth knowledge of an athlete's distinctive physical needs. They specialize in treating injuries with a focus on getting you back into the game at your pre-injury level or better.

When you receive sports medicine at Andrew B. Richardson, MD, you get comprehensive care that draws from medical and regenerative treatments designed to restore optimal strength and mobility. Athletes who need surgery to repair damaged tissues benefit from our extensive experience in minimally invasive techniques that cause less trauma and support a faster recovery.

Beyond medical care for injuries, we specialize in physical therapy and sport-specific rehabilitation. Each person begins an individualized program that rebuilds their strength, retrains the skills needed for their sport, and gets them back into the game faster.

Preventing injuries and reinjuries

Though exceptional medical care is essential for treating sports injuries, a sports medicine specialist doesn't stop there. They create physical therapy, rehabilitation, and training programs designed to prevent new injuries and avoid reinjuries.

An old injury always represents an area of potential weakness as you continue in your sport. While many doctors may treat the original injury, sports medicine specialists have the expertise to effectively rehabilitate your body and provide the ongoing care needed to prevent you from a reinjury. 

Sports medicine physicians understand the stress your sport places on every part of your musculoskeletal system. They help you design workouts that enhance your wellness and protect muscle balance and strength.

Improving your game

Sports medicine specialists help you reach and stay at peak performance by developing a training program customized to meet your anatomical strengths and weaknesses. They identify the demands of your sport and determine where you need to improve your physical abilities.

Many athletes need to balance their training load and intensity to achieve maximum strength and endurance, while preventing fatigue, overtraining, and injuries or reinjuries. Sports medicine excels at creating personalized routines that achieve those goals.  

Our team recommends new training regimens, as well as modifications to improve your current training. They enhance your performance by combining knowledge of your body and injury history with a focus on properly training core abilities such as speed, agility, flexibility, and power.

Whether you need to heal and rehabilitate from an injury or refine your training to reach peak performance, the team at Andrew B. Richardson, MD, can help. To schedule a consultation, call or book an appointment online today.

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